08 April 2021

Get your vaccine, for crying out loud.

It is baffling, the discrepancy between how ill-informed people are about vaccines in general and how everybody has become an instant expert on CoViD vaccines and risk.

I dare to say that few people would know who manufactured their last tetanus shot, what the brake failure rate of their car model is, or how many toxins, and how much of each, are contained in their beauty care products.

But with CoViD ...

Remember 2003 when everybody after reading Brown's The Da Vinci Code became an instant expert on Christian mythology. (It is a mystery novel, you know that?)

The following article is written for 12-year-old geeks. It is useful if you have the courage to admit that you know nothing about vaccines.


#getyourCoViDacttogether, #stopyourfriendfrombeingCoViDstupid