05 August 2021


On 1 Jul 2021 the B.C. government lifted CoViD restrictions in accordance with Step 3 of its Restart Plan. 

Unfortunately, between 15 and 50 percent of the population mistook this as a signal that all is hunky dory and started behaving like idiots. Masks -- OFF! Physical distancing -- WHO CARES? Group limits -- GOODBYE! Vaccines -- NO NEED!

Consequently, when my wife and I went out for dinner to our favourite restaurant last Saturday, we didn't expect much. We should have known better.

Staff at Piva Modern Italian in New Westminster are still wearing proper masks. Guests are still asked to disinfect their hands upon arrival. Tables are still placed two metres apart. Dining room capacity is still reduced. Tables and chairs are still disinfected before new guests are seated. (Of course, they can only control their own behaviour and not that of their guests.)

When Christopher McFadden, Piva's Managing Partner and Wine Director, stopped at our table for a chat, we asked him about his philosophy. His answer was simple.

"The health and safety of our guests and our staff comes first."

Mr. McFadden and his team did not mindlessly rush back to pre-pandemic operations. Instead, they created their own restart plan, which is both conservative (the gains we have made) and adaptive (the gains we will make). It is the right thing to do in terms of corporate citizenship. It is also the smart thing to do in terms of business.

I wish more businesses and corporations would follow Piva's prudent lead.